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A global leader in enterprise risk and resilience software.

Modernize outdated risk processes. Put resilience data to work for everyone.

Modernize outdated risk processes.
Put resilience data to work for everyone.

The CL360 Platform

Software-as-a-Service to turn raw risk data into strategic insights with end-to-end, integration, and analytics solutions.

Deliver value through data

Provide cross-organizational insights to operational leaders through dependency mapping and tracking of key performance indicators.

Adapt to change

Analyze data to determine stakeholders affects and change impact on people, process, tools, organizational structure, roles, and technology.

Empower citizen development

No-code development platform for organic program updates and management, creative applications, and scalability.

CL Solutions

A unified platform supporting comprehensive resilience program management.

Risk Management

Empower your organization with our Operational Resilience solution, designed to prevent, adapt to, and recover from disruptions, while mapping complex interactions across departments for seamless business continuity.

enterprise risk management

Ensure seamless business operations with our Business Continuity solution, designed to minimize downtime, manage workflows efficiently, and provide real-time gap analyses for recovery capabilities and risk management.

risk management

Prepare for and recover from disruptions with our Disaster Recovery solution, offering real-time gap analyses, visual dependency mapping, and easy-to-use data collection templates for comprehensive recovery management.

risk management

Manage disruptions efficiently with our Incident Management solution, providing real-time gap analysis, role-based access, and mobile capabilities for a holistic approach to incident response and recovery.

enterprise risk management

Mitigate risks with our Enterprise Risk Management solution, offering configurable workflows, key risk indicators, and a common controls library for a comprehensive approach to risk assessment and mitigation.

risk management

Discover our specialized solutions for the US Government, designed to support Federal Continuity Directives 1 & 2, streamline Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Business Continuity plans, and enhance readiness with key continuity metrics.

About CLDigital

At CLDigital, we’re dedicated to empowering organizations with powerful decision analytics and comprehensive solutions for operational resilience. Our platform, CL360, is designed to help businesses adapt to change, deliver value through data, and empower citizen development.

Our solutions span across various domains, including Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), Business Continuity Management, IT Resilience, Disaster Recovery, Crisis Management, and more. We’re particularly proud of our work in Operational Resilience, where our platform allows users to collect data, connect to application sources of truth, map dependencies visually, and prioritize recovery.

Our platform is also equipped to handle Business Continuity, providing a dynamic link between business demands of technology and the IT team’s ability to deliver those technical resources. We offer real-time gap analyses for recovery capabilities, risks, or any other client-defined metrics and present findings on vibrant dashboards.

In Disaster Recovery, our CL360 app allows users to collect data, connect to application sources of truth, map dependencies visually, and prioritize recovery. We also offer Incident Management solutions, where disruptions can be defined by severity or criticality, teams identified, impacts assessed, and situation reports distributed to key stakeholders.

Our Enterprise Risk Management solution allows you to create Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and relate these indicators to risks in the register, assets, loss events, and the organization structure. We also offer specialized solutions for the US Government, supporting Federal Continuity Directives 1 & 2.

We invite you to explore our platform and solutions, and see how we can help your organization achieve operational resilience. Request your demo today.

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