We only had a few weeks to select a vendor, build the solution, test it, and launch before going public. CL360 gave us the out-of-box templates to start with on Day 1, connect our data, and launch within 4 weeks. My leadership was floored, and we are expanding our usage weekly.

-BC Manager, Insurance Industry

Agile Collaboration with Guidance

Implementations of risk and resilience solutions are often stressful experiences. Missed deadlines, overextending budgets, and leadership frustrations can rack up quickly. Things that seemed simple at first often have complicated components and end up taking much longer than initially forecasted.

To counter this, CLDigital has developed a phased implementation process, based upon best practices from successful projects over our 15-year history. Dedicated project teams lead the engagement from kickoff to deployment, providing project plans, regular scorecard updates, and governance meetings along the way. Our experienced analysts guide organizations through implementations to utilize best practices, leverage product efficiencies, and automate their programs. Our no-code development platform allows us to lead agile implementations that can often be deployed within weeks.

Discovery & Requirements

Through analysis and interviewing, we begin to identify your goals, objectives, and timeframes. This essential step helps to guide implementation milestones, assign responsibilities, and develop a work plan.


This phase identifies key data sources, process flows, and templates to configure. Careful consideration is given to reuse, maintainability over time, and system efficiencies. Our experts also recommend user experience best practices for data collection and to minimize the amount of time or effort spent within the platform.


The CL360 no-code development platform allows us to configure quickly. Forms, fields, rules, workflows, and reports can be created in real-time. User roles are identified for privileged access to each form and permissions down to the field level. Reports, dashboards, and plan outputs are created to match the organization’s look and feel.

Data Conversion / Migration (optional)

For customers that have legacy data or solutions in place, CLDigital can support migrating that data into CL360 during the implementation. This process can be labor-intensive and it is essential that it is planned and executed properly. CLDigital’s templates and systematic methods are tried and true, and guide customers to the most efficient data migration path. Our team has successfully migrated customers from commercial platforms as well as from homegrown systems and internal databases.


We recommend launching with a Pilot group (5-50 users) to provide real-time feedback prior to deploying to your entire user community. This allows for a collaborative feedback loop between CLDigital and the client organization. Our analysts will make quick configuration changes to improve the user’s experience and before a wider launch.


After all configurations are completed, we move towards the Acceptance milestone. Acceptance includes final testing for precision and performance, verifying user role accuracy, confirming calculations, and validation of rules, along with all associated triggers and conditions.


With all other milestones completed, the solution is now ready for Launch. This includes rollout to larger groups of users and expanding the usage and value of CL360 to other areas of the organization.