“When I saw CL360 bring our data to life through their visual dependency mapping, that’s when I realized they get it. We saw relationships, gaps, and ripple effects we never knew existed.”

-Large US Health System

Data-Driven Resilience

Leaders, managers, and stakeholders need to make real-time resiliency decisions based upon all the verifiable information available. Unfortunately, this data is often scattered across solutions, in individual plans, or tribally held in separate departments. The CL360 Platform delivers a method to collect that data and provide a centralized view of people, process, technology, and third-parties. Users can easily update out-of-box reports or create ad hoc visuals and distribute automatically to stakeholders. CL360’s dynamic data model ensures that all data is readily available and can be reported against.

Visual libraries include:

  • Charts: Pie, Donut, Gauge, Line, Trend, Vertical Bar, Horizontal Bar
  • Dependency: Tree, Flowchart, Force Directed, Bubble Tree, Spider
  • Mapping: Google Maps Integration
  • Risk: Waterfall, Heat Map, Matrix, Timeline, Cross-filter

Relationships are created inside of CL360 during the data collection process that allows users to manipulate the data and populate into reports. System administrators control permissions and can provide privileged views for end users to see their filtered data. Visualizations can be changed within the simple one-click editor and then repopulated with updated values. Executives can get the data they want in rich visuals and metrics and make data-driven decisions.