Flexible Data Model

“Our business is global and changes daily. The ability to easily move plans and folders within CLDigital with no coding saves us a ton of time every year.”

-Large UK Insurance Company

Scalability without Compromise

CL360’s data model is built on top of an enterprise database that combines the tried-and-true power and robust transactional capabilities of a relational database without compromising the flexibility of a schema-less database. We automatically build all the relationships you need between people, process, technology, services, locations, and other assets so you don’t have to.

Program managers are not tied to “how things have always been done,” and can reimagine how they view their risk and resilience programs. CL360’s dynamic data model lets users capture, analyze, and improve operations in real time. Users can also add new data collection elements to their solutions and immediately report against them.

Manage Change Efficiently

Most large enterprises will undertake occasional reorganizations, mergers/acquisitions, or divestitures. Unfortunately, most software products require heavy development, vendor intervention, extra costs, and extra time to accurately reflect these structural changes without breaking reports or data relationships. CL360’s flexible data model empowers enterprises to grow and change how they operate in real-time. Within the platform’s organization structure, the folders containing departments, groups, lines of business, departments, etc. can be dragged and dropped to the appropriate locations. This will bring along all the data, reports, and associated users effortlessly.

When new organizations or new lines of business are acquired, CLDigital customers can upload the new entity’s entire organization structure, and the platform will apply the current templates, forms, fields, reports, dashboards, and user privileges.