Business Process Automation

Work Orchestration for Everyday Tasks

Resiliency software ought to be a force multiplier and allow leaders to do more in less time by leveraging automation. The heart of the CL360 platform is its business process management engine (BPM engine). The BPM engine supports custom workflows that can be created without code and triggered by configurable business rules.

CL360 enables program leaders to move management of program activities out of their inboxes and directly into the platform. The CL Program Manager is our native, workflow-enabled project scheduler that automates lifecycle management of BIAs, risk assessments, security surveys, business continuity plans, IT runbooks, and any other activities defined by the customer as part of their continuity and risk programs. Tasks can be created and assigned to program participants and managed, monitored, and escalated as defined by business rules. Clients can let CL360 do the reminding, tracking, and reporting while they focus on greater strategic initiatives.

Plan and Event Execution

The CL360 Incident Manager is powered by our BPM engine which includes business rules and workflows. The Incident Manager features the ability to identify the business disruption and which processes, people, technology, and locations are affected. Once identified, our Incident Manager AI will crawl through all dependency relationships based on the failure / disruption scenario to recommend which plans across the enterprise should be activated. Once activated, tasks across all plans are brought together in a single incident management view to support event orchestration.