CL360 was built and engineered for the cloud. The majority of our customers utilize our Software-as-a-Service model, but CL360 is also available as an On-Premise offering.

The majority of CLDigital customers are using our SaaS offering, hosted on IBM Cloud’s VPC Gen2 model in order to provide the most optimal and secure experience. IBM Cloud offers multiple data centers across the globe, which allows CLDigital to spin up new servers if needed. All clients reside in a multi-tenant environment with a shared codebase, but each has its own separate database without any overlapping. This allows us to quickly push code updates to all clients at once, including maintenance and hot fixes.

The CL360 platform can be deployed in different configurations depending on the current state and availability of assets in the client’s On-Premise data center. For qualifying opportunities, CLDigital offers an On-Premise deployment with IBM or AWS. Customers will need to decide the size, scope, scalability, and redundancy they wish to support for the platform. This will determine the number of servers and configuration settings. All deployment models can use Virtual Servers.

CLDigital also offers a fully Managed Service capability. With this Managed Service capability, On-Premise customers would supply CL360 Support, Server, Application and Database administrators with remote access into the servers supporting the CL360 application and platform. The usage of these accounts and the remote access policies in place can be honored by CLDigital.