About Us

“CLDigital is on a mission to improve business performance by connecting risk, resilience, and operational data.”
–Tejas Katwala, CEO and Co-Founder

Visualizing relationships and understanding the interdependencies in the modern enterprise presents inherent challenges. There is complexity in the organizational structure, the reporting hierarchy, workflows, and multi-business line operations. The bigger picture is often segmented by department, process, or line of business. The accurate picture involves a dynamic mapping strategy, products, and services against interrelated processes, functions, departments, assets, locations, and technologies.

This underscores the need for organizations to build a risk and resilience culture based on data. A risk and resilience culture where everyone uses data for every decision and capabilities that enable data efficiency to drive that decision-making.

Since day one, CLDigital has focused on transforming enterprise risk and resilience. We aim to deliver the most innovative no-code development platform focused on rapidly building, deploying, and operating enterprise-grade solutions. Our SaaS solution, CL360, features unparalleled user experiences, configurable business process management, analytics that deliver insights so you can make data-driven decisions, and an API to integrate with any system.

When the unexpected happens, CLDigital helps organizations adapt rapidly, focus on data-driven priorities, and manage the recovery of critical processes, suppliers, applications, and key assets.