Data & Integrations

Data Integrity

Successful risk and resilience programs rely on data collection from multiple sources. This may come from corporate systems, weather alerts, threat intelligence, or manually entered by users. As the complexity of the modern enterprise continues to evolve, insights need to be uncovered between that data. Even when using software, it’s impractical to manually gather that information. It’s even difficult with periodic data uploads.

CL360’s native Data Manager drives data management for imports, exports, and connections to a variety of databases, systems, spreadsheets, and sources. Users have access to data points such as people, vendors, applications, infrastructure, locations, equipment, and risk libraries that exist in other systems of truth. These connections improve the user experience, provide for data integrity, and can be automated for easy maintenance.

Integration Maturity

For customers starting from scratch, determining how to align programs so data flows perfectly between systems is a lengthy process. CL360 implementations can always begin with simple “feeding” of our platform from systems of truth via CSV’s or Excel documents. These are mapped to the appropriate destination fields, so they populate for end users appropriately and make data entry simple and quick. As IT resources are available and data is ready for consumption from other systems, customers can move away from the spreadsheet method and connect directly via API or Data Manager to other sources of record. Administrators can integrate to third-party systems via our REST API to map data directly to fields within CL360. Our API will make a call and bring the mapped data directly into CL360 on pre-determined cadence.