Visually Map the Customer Journey

Post-implementation, CLDigital offers a suite of support solutions. These include access to a toll-free number, web support portal, email updates, and very smart people. Our support team members are experts in our platform and can quickly troubleshoot, answer questions, and educate you within minutes. If you’re looking for some self-guided education, access our library of how-to training videos and documents.

Support Portal

CLDigital’s customer support web portal, the “Hub,” is the foundation of our support program. It provides a rich content library of videos, documentation, and also uptime metrics for your services. All upcoming features, performance improvements, and roadmap items are announced via the Hub as well as emailed to the appropriate audiences. Tickets can be logged for issues, questions, or feature requests. Based on the SLA and criticality, the CLDigital support team will act accordingly.

Phone Support

If you’d prefer a live person, you always have access to the 24×7 toll-free support line. This will route the call to the appropriate CLDigital team member who is best situated to handle the call and request. All customer contact is also logged into the Hub for ticket tracking.

Feature Requests

Over 80% of our product roadmap comes from our customers. We are a purposefully agile organization to ensure we’re flexible enough to meet the evolving needs of our customers and react to changes in the resiliency market. No feature request goes unnoticed and careful analysis is used to determine how customer suggestions may benefit the overall user community when prioritizing development items.


Join our expanding user community where active CL360 users can interact with one another. Find commonalities between programs, network with peers, and learn how CL360 is adding new features and quickly building solutions in our highly attended quarterly User Groups. You won’t want to miss those.