User Group

Building a Tribe of Forward-Thinking Resilience Professionals

CLDigital clients have access to a global Virtual User Group and community. The User Group is held quarterly and focuses on upcoming platform enhancements and features, as well as practical applications for real-world use cases. The interactive sessions are owned and managed by CLDigital clients and provide an opportunity for brainstorming, sharing best practices, feedback, and creating valuable personal connections.

Sample agenda items from past user group session:

  • View from the CEO
    • State of the Union
    • Technical Advisory Groups
  • Review of new features and functions
    • Platform enhancements
    • Data Visualization improvements
  • Guest Speakers
    • Crisis Management governance by global Fortune 50 Services company (today and future plans)
    • Vendor Continuity program by global Fortune 100 Auto company (how we built it to match our culture)
    • Physical Security use case by global Fortune 100 Bank (automating a spreadsheet within a day)
  • Support Clinics
    • How to utilize new functionalities
    • Logging and tracking support tickets
    • Best practices and “things you should know” sessions
  • Networking
    • Poll the audience
    • Topic specific discussions
    • Virtual happy hour(s)

Become a part of a community that collaborates and builds solutions within hours so they can make decisions within minutes.