Our Team

Peter Christensen
Chairman & Co-Founder

Peter co-founded CLDigital in 2006. As Chairman, he leads our administrative, accounting and finance, HR and legal activities. With Tejas, they direct the business and financial strategy for the firm. He once held a school record in indoor track at Cornell in the 2-mile relay event.

Tejas Katwala
CEO & Co-Founder

Tejas co-founded CLDigital in 2006. He’s led the company’s growth, direction, and strategy to deliver the first no-code development platform for enterprise risk management. He’s a die-hard NY Mets fan with a goal to eat a hot dog at every major league baseball stadium.

Sari Miller
Strategic Advisor

Sari has been a lead investor, partner and president in numerous start-ups, funds, companies, and social ventures. In her spare time, she speaks at United Nations Summits.

Casey Friese

Casey owns the security, data protection, and infrastructure strategies and delivery within the company. The source of all his strength is located in his beard.

David Mack
SVP Business Development, Americas

David leads our Americas team’s initiatives for business development, marketing, and account management. He has learned that volunteering once at kids soccer practice means you are now a full-time coach. Every week.

Paul Gant
Head of Operations, EMEA

Paul leads our EMEA team’s initiatives for business development, marketing, and account management. Don’t be fooled, he may look skinny, but Paul always has room for pudding.

Chad Robbins
SVP, Platform Strategy

Chad is responsible for developing and leading the platform strategy, market strategy, and innovation focused on user adoption. He rescued a black cat named Buddy from a city called Christmas. True story.

Ananda Rao
VP Solutions

Ananda manages the simplest to most complex implementations, along with a strong team of analysts. He is an avid traveler with hiking in the Himalayas up next.

Rajesh Kumar Dasugari (RD)
Support Guru

RD oversees our customer support and QA teams with a pulse on all customers. He’s known as “the wizard” behind the scenes.

Pardeep Sharma
VP Product Development

Pardeep manages all platform development activities to align activities with strategic needs and guiding the product roadmap. He enjoys cooking Indian foods and makes the best Daal Makhni around.

Tina Piccininni
VP Accounting & Administration

Tina leads accounting and administrative services for the company. If she had a last meal, it would be a bucket of ice cream.

Rakesh Mahato
VP Finance

Rakesh is responsible for strengthening and leading finance related activities including business transformation and investor relations. He’s a strong proponent for environmental change and enjoys the outdoors with his children.