No-Code Development Platform


While initial CL360 deployments are likely to be based on our solution template library, requirements may change in the future. New regulations might apply, demands from senior leaders may shift, and corporate reshuffling and reorganizations might occur. CL360 is a no-code development platform, which enables customization and system management through drag-and-drop pre-configured tools. No-code allows CLDigital to implement and deploy solutions quickly and empowers smart administrators to become citizen developers.

Developed with simplicity in mind, users can build powerful regulatory compliant applications using visual drag-and-drop builders, form templates, custom workflows, and connectors to existing systems and data processes. In simple terms this means that almost all aspects of the functionality can be changed, added to, or removed using simple drag-and-drop tools. And, maybe as importantly, completely new functionality can be created from scratch. Want to update your BIA methodology and workflow? No problem. Want to add more data to your vendor risk assessments? No problem. Want to automate that critical supplier contracts spreadsheet, which always ends up with overwritten calculations? No problem.

Sustainable Customizations

CLDigital makes is possible for business practitioners to build and change applications on their own, in a fraction of the time it takes with conventional solutions. Customizations are automatically merged with each upgrade, so the software is never outdated and never suffers breaks in functionality. Clients can create automation rules to avoid manual and repetitive work, customize workflows, integrate with other technologies, and even build custom applications. This ability to evolve and advance is delivered through our customization interface which allows in-house administrators to take control of every aspect of the CL360system.