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Join us for a bonus event CLDigital Spotlight on Driving, supporting and automating an Operational Resilience program through Software.

What You Need to Know: Operational Resilience – Past, Present & Future

A thought leadership event from CLDigital. This free-to-attend event is designed to start from the beginning and tell all. Whether you’re an expert or just starting to get to grips with the concept, it will deepen your knowledge of what operational resilience means for your organisation and for you personally.

In just a few short years, driven largely by regulatory expectations, operational resilience has gone from being a ‘new’ concept to one returning 117 million Google hits, and 900 LinkedIn job postings in the UK alone. But both its newness and intertwining with its older sibling, business continuity, mean that its aims are not always entirely understood.

Driven initially by a regulatory framework for the UK financial services industry, operational resilience is, however, arguably ‘raising the game’ of risk professionals across the globe and in all sectors. Distinguished by an increased focus on the outputs of an organisation as separate from its internal workings, it brings business resilience and continuity very firmly to the boardroom table.

The Speakers

Martin Caddick, ex Head of Resilience, PwC UK, now Independent Consultant will take us back to the 1990s as we explore where this all started. While operational resilience has been driven up the agenda by regulatory expectations its roots are based on the simple idea of protecting the key outputs of a business to its customers. It’s not what you do but what you deliver. Martin was there when these ideas were first taking shape and his insights are essential background to understanding the present.

Lisa Coles, Business Resilience Lead, Direct Line Group will then move us to the state of the art in 2022. How do you build a programme and secure corporate buy in? How does operational resilience sit alongside business continuity? Having led the design and implementation of Direct Line’s operational resilience programme over the past four years, and now managing its delivery, Lisa understands the challenges from both a theoretical and practical perspective. She will be sharing her war stories and the lessons we can all take from them.

To conclude, James Crask, Head of Strategic Risk Consulting, Marsh Advisory, will explore where this is all leading. While the main driver of operational resilience has been the UK’s regulatory framework, the concerns of financial services are neither unique to that sector nor limited to one specific geography. So where is this going for the financial and other sectors in the USA, EU and further afield. And what lessons can other sectors draw from a focus on the resilience of business outputs rather than the individual processes that deliver them.

The Event Details

How Can I Attend?

In-person 4:00pm to 5:30pm UK time on Wednesday, October 12th.

Networking with drinks and light bites to follow

Will there be a live broadcast Option?

Yes. Please select the Live Broadcast option in the registration form

I am attending in person what are the venue details?

The Stanley Building
7 Pancras Square (100 metres from King’s Cross station)
London N1C 4AG

Please note that seats in the room will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. If we are unable to offer you a seat in the room, you will automatically be registered for the live Webinar.